About Us

Omega Elifar’s History

The good work we do today owes its existence to the love and dedication of our founder ‐ Hilary Marsden.

Hilary was a young Registered General Nurse with two small children when she took a nursing home job in the 1970s that was both to horrify her ‐ and have far‐reaching consequences that have brightened the lives of many people.

The conditions at the nursing home were appalling; Hilary made futile attempts at improvement but still went home and cried each night for the plight of the disabled children living there. When she made her own cot sheets to cover the bare mattresses the youngsters had previously slept on, the owner of the home reacted angrily, complained about the additional work and cost of laundering and snapped: “If you think you can do a better job…”

It was a challenge Hilary took up with enthusiasm and devotion, bringing in hot water, clean clothing, nutritional food, new décor, and, most importantly, staff who cared!

Working tirelessly, she successfully established a group of nursing and residential care homes on the Hampshire / Surrey border that were renowned for providing quality lifetime care.

She named the company Elifar… EVERY LIFE IS FOR A REASON.

So why the elephant logo?

With the words Elifar and Elephant sharing syllables – the initial association was obvious and whilst there have been numerous variations over the years, our current logo depicts two elephants with entwined trucks ‐ representing their fission‐fusion society (when multiple family groups come together for social purposes). These huge mammals communicate with touch, sight, sound; have the longest period of nurturing young in the animal world and demonstrate empathy ‐ thus demonstrating many characteristics synonymous with our own ethos and hence, the symbolic association.

Hilary’s work ultimately made a fundamental difference, not only to the lives of the people she looked after but also their families, whose lives had been turned upside down with the pressures of trying to meet the needs of a disabled child at home.

Many were devastated when Hilary passed away in 2004 at the tragically early age of 53.

Thankfully, her husband Chris took up the baton to ensure that her legacy continued – establishing Omega Elifar Limited in 2006.

Thanks to our caring and motivated staff team, Hilary’s enthusiasm, inspiration and vision continuesn in the work we do today, enabling many individuals to experience an improved quality of life.

“the company excels at supporting clients with complex, high‐level requirements”

Care Manager


Our Founder’s Philosophy

All service users within Omega Elifar will be supported to access and maintain  their human rights and individuality, whilst benefitting from maximum development or skills.


The following are at the head of our core values:

CHOICE: individual choice needs to be informed and meaningful for real decision making to occur, and choices should be made with individuals having a clear understanding of what is going on. We accept that there are times when a decision made may, out of necessity, conflict with the individual’s wishes. On such occasions, it is vital that the individual is given support, respect and understanding, and that we endeavour to give an explanation for our actions.

CITIZENSHIP: the individuals whom live in our homes have the same rights as others who live in the community. The support team will respect and value these rights. Supporting an individual’s access to privacy as well as the right to hold and express an opinion (or keep an opinion private) will be fundamental. Through building a knowledge of an individual’s life history and holding family andfriends in a positive regard, we can reinforce respect for that person.

EMPOWERMENT: support workers are employed to work in the capacity of enablers, to work alongside service users and empower them to live the life they wish to.

EQUALITY: all service users have the same rights as any other citizen. Although the individuals who live here may have different abilities than ourselves, it will be remembered that they are people with feelings, dreams, ideas, wants and needs.

INDIVIDUALITY: our services recognise the difficulties in balancing the needs of the group with the rights of the individual. There will be occasions when the needs of the group outweigh those of the individual, however, these will be kept to a minimum. When the situation does arise we will enable the individual to be part of the group decision‐making process, and when necessary we will explain why a decision has been made which is contrary to the individual’s wish. We will accept that each individual is unique in character and our working practices will promote individuality and will not categorise people under broad headings.

“You treat the clients as individuals, with respect and dignity”

Care Manager

PARTICIPATION: the use of community facilities is paramount because service users can only become members of the local community by sharing ordinary places that define community life. Only by interacting within their local community can they become accepted and make new friends.

RECIPROCITY: we will not expect individuals to change for the service if we do not show that we are prepared to change for them. We hope that those living in the homes will develop and will benefit from increasingly more valued lifestyles.

RESPECT: all service users have the right to gain a valued place among a network of people, and valued roles in community life. Consideration and regard for the individual will be given unconditionally in our actions. Treating people with respect and valuing them as individuals helps to develop good feelings about themselves.

SAFETY: there are many times in an individual’s life when changes occur. Changes in personal feelings, physical well‐being, our environment or relationships with family and friends can make us feel vulnerable and unsafe. We aim to provide a real sense of safety in Omega Elifar by enabling the people who live in our homes to make changes in their lives without fear of losing their home, family, friends, individuality or self‐esteem.


Compliments and Complaints

We would love to hear from you!

If you wish to make a suggestion, or give a compliment, about an individual or service provided by Omega Elifar Limited:

Equally, we acknowledge that things sometimes go wrong and absolutely uphold the values and requirements of the Duty of Candour.

If, as a service user, relative or visitor, you have had a negative experience or feel there is cause for complaint, you should:

  • firstly, discuss the matter with the person in charge
  • if, in your opinion, the matter is serious ‐ or if you remain dissatisfied ‐ you should submit your complaint in writing to the Home Manager
  • if your complaint involves the Home Manager, or you would prefer to discuss your concerns with someone outside the care home, please contact a Company Director

A full investigation will be made into your complaint and you will be advised of the outcome within 28 days from the date the complaint is received.

If, after our investigation, you are dissatisfied, or feel that the complaint is of such a serious nature that you wish to speak to a registration officer, then you should contact CQC:

South East Regional Contact Team
CQC South East
Citygate, Gallowgate

03000 616161

If, as a member of staff, you have a complaint – please refer to the Company Grievance Procedure.