Our Care

Our staff team believe in promoting a resident’s independence and developing their skills and abilities – supporting them to use services within the local community.  If any specialist equipment or intervention from other healthcare professionals is required, we will support our resident to access the necessary referrals (e.g. overhead hoist, occupational therapy, chiropody, speech and language therapy, physiotherapy), although advise that additional costs may be incurred.

So, whether a resident likes watching films: playing football; disco dancing or afternoon tea: we will strive to accommodate and personalise their care.

As well as fun clubs and activities. entertainment and outings. we serve up delicious and nutritious menu options. We take care of cleaning and laundry and help with personal care – bathing and dressing – if its needed.

Elderly Care Services

We are able to offer a number of options for those who need care support.

Full time residential care at The Firefly Club

If you or your loved one gets to the stage where you would now benefit from moving to a welcoming and friendly home, then Omega Elifar can provide that. We have 8 residential care suites designed to make life easy where you’ll have round-the-clock attention. You can enjoy peace of mind that comes with knowing that experienced carers are on hand 24 hours a day in our homes. We will tailor what we do to you or your loved one’s needs and preferences so that you can enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle.

Respite Care

We understand that caring for a loved one can be rewarding. However, it can be exhausting, and everyone needs a break sometime. Short stay care breaks, also known as Respite Care, can help recharge the batteries for both carer and loved one. That is why we offer short term care at The Firefly Club. Your loved one will be in a safe and comfortable environment.

Independent Living at The Firefly Club

We have ten individual studio apartments for people who relish their independence, would like the opportunity to be part of an exclusive community, but feel safe knowing that care and support services are on call, just a moment away.

Our approach to independent living is unique. We’ve adopted and adapted the latest technology to make the lives of our residents that much easier. Bespoke, voice activated home assistant being just one example, as well as wet rooms designed with accessibility in mind, and overhead hoists if required.

For more information about the Firefly Club, please click on the link below:


Services for people with learning disabilities

If you are over 18 years of age, are diagnosed with a learning disability and require long-term residential support – we may be able to support you. We generally provide one member of staff for every two service users but can agree the provision of and 2:1 support as required with your Funding Authority.

Admission to the services within Omega Elifar is dependent upon a detailed individual needs assessment.

Following referral (generally via a Care Manager) and identification of a potential vacancy, two experienced Company representatives will undertake a comprehensive assessment visit.  This includes interview/visits with the individual, their family, and their current support team.

We will provide an individualised and detailed costing matrix to the Care Manager — to include all accommodation and staffing costs, together with proposed fees for any or 2.1 staffing needs; day care activities and any other specific requirements.