Lavender Hills Update

Here are some photos of the progress of the build for the new Lavender Hills project.


Elifar – The Future

By the end of 2018 Elifar’s provision of support will have increased from 28 service users to 50 service users. Two new services with on site facilities are to be introduced to accommodate the increase in service users and provide modern and up to date facilities, encouraging independent living skills and promoting integration for the people we support into the local community.

The new developments will meet Elifar’s business plan criteria resulting in no further growth, however we will develop other business opportunities within the organisations e.g. holiday homes adapted specifically for our services users needs.

By introducing the new services we hope to provide exciting job opportunities for both existing and new employees, offering reassurance in a period of unrest and austerity within the social care sector.

Passfield Oak

Passfield Common, Liphook, Hants GU30 7RL

  • Accommodation for 12 service users consisting of the 4 existing service users at Whitelodge and the 5 existing service users at Larchpine and an addition of 3 new service users.
  • Relocation of Omega (After Alpha) Limited Head Office
  • Proposed opening October 2017

Lavender Hills

Lynton Road, Bordon, Hants GU35 0AY

  • Provision of 10 independent living units
  • Provision of 8 residential beds
  • Hydrotherapy pool and therapy room
  • Activity centre
  • Relocation of Omega Elifar Head Office
  • Proposed opening May 2018

If you click on the link below, it will open up the “live” camera that’s been set up at Lavender Hills. This link will remain open for the duration of the Project, so you can log on every day and see the progress being made.


Cuddly Cavies Visit

On Wednesday 10th May the Cuddly Cavies came to visit us all at White Lodge. We all had fun meeting and cuddling all the different guinea pigs, some of them even let us comb them giving them some very trendy coats. They do like their food too we fed them lettuce and cucumber and almost our fingers!



Donkey Visit

A local company who specialise in animal therapy visited one of our services and it proved to be a great experience for all involved!

Animal therapy is known to be very calming, bringing people together and generating positive reactions and conversations.  The donkey was chosen as it is slightly taller than the Shetland pony and is able to get close to the wheelchair users.

Every service user spent time with him, some service users led him around the garden while others just sat while he rested his head on their shoulder.

A great afternoon was had by all!